11 Feb 10 Things You need to know about this Turkish wine producer named Gali

1) Gali is a proud family owned boutique winery. “Gali” means beautiful in Turkish and in the Ottoman language Gali stood for something precious or valuable and “extending beyond limits” – an apt name for this producer that symbolizes the burgeoning Turkish wine renaissance.

Gali Owners (Nilgun & Hakan
Nilgun & Hakan Kavur, owners

2) Gali’s 24 hectare vineyards are uniquely (and beautifully) situated in the Gallipoli peninsula, the European part of Turkey, and surrounded by the Aegean Sea/Gulf of Saros and Marmara Sea. Both, terrain and sea winds, contribute to the unique micro climate in this area. Gallipoli is part of the Aegean wine region of Turkey.

Where in the world is Gallipoli?

Saros Gulf island of Samothrace_tonemapped
Gali vineyards overlooking the Gulf of Saros

3) Though Turkey is home to 800+ grape varietals, Gali’s sole focus on Bordeaux varietals (Merlot, Cab Franc & Cab Sauvignon) are a standout.

Gali Horiz
The luscious 2010 Gali (85% Merlot, 15% Cab Franc)

4) Quality over quantity: Gali’s philosophy is about minimal intervention from farm to bottle, such as every step being hand controlled along with no use of pesticides and low amount of sulfur addition.

5) Growing & continuous investment: with installed production capacity of about 67,000 liters (~7,400 cases), Gali’s yearly vintage production continuously increases as additional vines are planted and yields improve.

Gali Winery Stainless Steel Tanks
Modern wine making techniques are deployed here

6) Situated in the Northern Hemisphere, the grape growing season culminates with harvest beginning early/mid September with Gali’s vineyards undergoing beautiful transformations all through the growth season.

Canolas blossoming during Spring

7) Gali’s winery is located in Evreshe, about 13KM from its vineyards, and is built with locally sourced stones. A wonderful approach in not only preserving the environment but also embracing the local village’s appeal.


8) Barrels are stored in underground caves that are built with local stones that keep the temperature cool & provide moisture in summer, and warm during winter.


9) Women from the local village of Evreshe are gainfully employed during harvest season, a wonderful way to support the local economy.


10) You’re never too far from history, ancient & modern, when in Turkey.
See that coin on the label of the Gali bottle above? This coin was found onsite at the vineyard and dates back (around 300BC) to the days when King Lysimachus, who took over from Alexander the Great, ruled this region, and had these coins minted with a lion face honoring Alexander’s courage of fighting lions with his bare hands – pretty bad ass, we think!


Concrete bunkers from World War 2 days are also situated near Gali’s vineyards.

WW2 Bunker_tonemapped