2015 Turkish Roses are here!

15 Apr 2015 Turkish Roses are here!

VinoRai is thrilled to announce the arrival of the 2015 Turkish rosés to American shores!

This year we have 3 rosés, each exciting and vibrant, each with a gorgeous pink color that signifies summer!

Starting things off from Cappadocia, we have a 100% Kalecik Karasi rosé from Turasan. Light pink in color, with an exciting nose of strawberry and melon, it is just plain delicious. In the mouth, it is crisp and clean, with mouthwatering red fruit flavors and a nice finish. It’s really easy to envision yourself dangling your toes into the blue Aegean as you sip on this one. Bottled for us in clear glass so as to see its beautiful color, the 2015 Turasan Kalecik Karasi Rosé has the Turkish market’s see-thru label rather than the new mosaic balloon label that the rest of the line has.

From Pasaeli, we have a dazzling pair of wines made from the Çalkarasi grape. Grown in and around the town of Çal, in the Denizli province of southeast Turkey, Çalkarasi is perfect for rosé, being flavorful, versatile and reliable. The winemaking team at Pasaeli brought all the fruit for both wines into the winery at the same time, so essentially the two different wines were made from the same juice. The difference between them is how long the skins were allowed to remain in contact with the juice. If you cut into a red grape, it has white pulp – and therefore – white juice. All the pigmentation of a grape is in the skins, so it is having the skins in contact with the juice (post-crushing) that gives red (and rosé) wines their color.

First came the Seahorse. The juice for the Calkarasi juice spent just 90 minutes in contact with the skins before it was pressed off, and it has a quite pale shade of salmon. The 2015 Pasaeli Çalkarasi Rosé “Seahorse” r resembles a vin Gris from the south of France in its hue. Delicate and floral on the nose, it has crisp acidity and vibrancy. Flavors of fresh red apple and cranberry linger on the palate, and it is quite refreshing and lithe. Perfect for lighter summer fares, and equally perfect for just sitting out on the deck with nothing but a book.

And then came the Mermaid. Whereas the Seahorse spent 90 minutes on the skins, the 2015 Pasaeli Çalkarasi Rosé “Mermaid” spent a whopping 18 hours on the skins, giving it a much darker color. It also gives the wine more body and flavor. The nose leans more to ripe raspberries, and in the mouth there is subtle pomegranate as well. Testing the boundaries of when a rosé starts to trod into the realm of red wines, the Mermaid finishes with just a touch of sweet tannin, a component not usually seen in rosé (or white) wines. This allows the Mermaid to accompany much heartier fares than the Seahorse, and as the weather cools, it’s still cool to drink rosé! Personally, we’ll be saving a few bottles of the Mermaid for our Thanksgiving table. We may think of rosé as a summer fling, but truly, rosé is a wonderfully compatible and friendly wine to everything traditionally served up on that day.

Join us this summer (and beyond) with fine Turkish rosés!