About Us


Founded in 2013, VinoRai is a fine wine importer that is focused on emerging wine regions.

About Us

Currently VinoRai is bringing Turkish wines to wine lovers in America, with exclusive rights to represent Turkey’s finest wineries.

Our Philosophy

We believe that understanding leads to appreciation. Our mission at VinoRai is to allow wine lovers a new experience with wine, with new varietals and regions that are anything but the ordinary.

Our Commitment

It is our commitment to only select the very best wines for each category and to represent a wide range of varietals so that the wine adventure seekers such as yourself can try a new wine region without reservations.

Our Partners

Read more about our wineries here : Our Wines. The wineries we import trust us to tell their story, and our distributors have our commitment to do so with sales, marketing and education assistance.

Our Service

We are equally meticulous about preserving the truth of the wine by getting it to you in the same condition it left the winery. Provenance matters.