26 Nov #DrinkTurkeyWithTurkey: 2012 Kalecik Karasi

Wrapping up our T-Day Turkish wine suggestion is the “Pinot Noir” of Turkey.

If you’re looking for a refreshing and exciting alternative to a Pinot Noir, or simply looking for something that doesn’t have too much mast or essence and instead has nice bright acidity, clarity and elegance … then try out the 2012 Kalecik Karasi this holiday.

Like the Emir, this Kalecik Karasi is also brought to you by Turasan Wines.

Kalecik Karasi (Kah-le-djic-car-ah-ser) is a blue-black indigenous grape known for producing fruity wines with low to medium tannins and bright acidity.

With aromas of red fruit, raspberry, red currant and cherry, and luscious red fruits dominating the palate, the 2012 Kalecik Karasi is just the right match for poultry and all your T-Day fixins.

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For Seattle residents available at these wine stores: Madrona Wine Merchants, Esquin Wine Merchants, Wine World & Spirits, Vino Verité, West Seattle Cellars, European Vine Selections (please call for availability)

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