25 Nov #drinkTurkeywithTurkey: 2013 Turasan Emir

If there’s one indigenous Turkish varietal that could tell many a tale from the early ages, it would hands down be the Emir (Eh-mere) grape.

A native white grape of Cappadocia, it acquires its name (Emir as in ruler or lord) from the fact that it was a popular wine at the local lords’ tables and was used since the Roman times to make crisp, refreshing wines.

So if you’re looking to make a princely statement this holiday at the table with your bottle contribution, then bring along the 2013 Turasan Emir and watch family & friends relish it!

The Turasan Emir has beautiful notes of citrus peel and white flowers along with pears and fennel pollen, and on the palate it is bright and lively with refreshing floral and Meyer lemon flavors ending with a mineral note.

Give those Chardonnays and Rieslings a break this season and give the Emir a try. With it’s dry & light-bodied expression it is an excellent contrast to the many savory, substantial treats of Thanksgiving.

Brought to you by Turasan Wines, founded in 1943 in Cappadocia and since then run by the Turasan family for 3 generations, Turasan is widely regarded as proud pioneers in the development of the Cappadocia wine region.

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