12 Oct New & Promising Turkish Native Varietals Enter the US Market

We’re stoked to introduce 2 new Turkish wines to vino lovers in the US, both sourced from delectable indigenous Turkish varietals and produced by Tursan, a new producer that VinoRai proudly welcomes to its growing portfolio of Turkish wineries.

Introducing the Turasan 2013 Emir and Turasan 2013 Kalecik Karasi.

Turasan, pioneers of Cappadocia wines

Both of these wines come from Turasan, established in 1943 in Cappadocia (mid-southern Anatolia region) and ever since run by the Turasan family for 3 generations now led by Hasan Turasan. The Turasan family have been proud pioneers in the development of the Cappadocia wine region.

Cappadocia, land of the fairy chimneys and … wines!

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Focal map of Cappadocia (click to enlarge) & its “Fairy Chimneys”

With hot dry summers and cold winters, this region has a continental climatic character. There is decent temperature variation between day and night (diurnal) and certainly cooler and drier than the popular tourist areas on the Mediterranean and the Aegean coasts. Precipitation differs between 400-600 mm with an average of 500 mm per year. Soil type is mostly sand, sandstone, and decomposed volcanic that makes it well suited to the cultivation of vines. This region accounts for 12.1% of all wine produced in Turkey.
Capadoccia is a mystical & magical landscape on its own with the dominating presence of its “fairy chimneys” making it a growing tourist attraction.

Turasan 2013 Emir

Emir Horizon

Emir (pronounced Eh-mere), a princely grape steeped in princely history and one of a kind!

The Emir grape is strictly native to Cappadocia and thrives in Cappadocia’s volcanic & mineral rich soils. It further benefits from the region’s unique micro-climate due to its high altitude and diurnal temperature range (hot days and cool nights). Emir is known to grown only in this region worldwide!
Emir acquired its name (Emir translates to “ruler” or “Lord”) from the early days (like around 1700 BC early days) when it was a popular wine at the local lords’ tables. It was used since the Roman times to make crisp, refreshing wines. How majestic!

It is often compared to Torrontes. With Turasan located in the heart of Cappadocia, it has a natural advantage in making the best Emir in Turkey. Other producers are known to come to the region to collect Emir for their productions.

Sensory eval

On the eyes: Straw yellow with green reflections
On the nose: Notes of citrus peel and white flowers along with pears and fennel pollen
On the palate: Balanced, bright and lively with refreshing floral and Meyer lemon flavors. Ends with a mineral note that is rounded out.

Geek out on the digits

Tech sheet with all the specs can be found here

Food companions

Salmon, shellfish, spicy Asian foods, grilled chicken, pasta with white creamy sauces

Turasan 2012 Kalecik Karasi


Kalecik Karasi, named after the city (pronounced Kah-le-djic-car-ah-ser)

Yes, quite a tongue twister of a name! Kalecik Karasi means the “black from the small castle” having been named after the small village of Kalecik (Central Anatolia) located ~40 miles NE of Ankara, Turkey’s capital. And yes, the village has a castle. Kalecik Karasi is grown mainly at the Kizilirmak river valley, the longest river in Turkey.
While Kalecik Karasi is grown in various regions of Turkey, the varietal from Turasan is different due to the Cappadocia terroir. Being situated in a mountainous area located at a high altitude with limited water supply, the grapes take longer in reaching maturity thereby making the aromas of red fruit, raspberry, red currant and cherry all the more intense and vibrant.
Often compared to Pinot Noir at times because of its similar red-fruit orientation on the palate, in reality that is where all other similarities pretty much end.

Sensory eval

On the eyes: Medium red-ruby hues
On the nose: Vibrant aromas of red berries notably raspberries, currants, and ripe cherry
On the palate: Likewise, red berries predominate on the palate with characteristics of vanilla and cocoa undercurrents. Low to medium tannins with bright acidity.

Geek out on the digits

Tech sheet with all the specs can be found here

Food companions

Roasted chicken, veal, pork tenderloin, mushroom risotto, duck

Label design, inspirational & functional!

Early morning lift off on a hot air balloon ride

Early morning lift off on a hot air balloon ride

One of the most must-do & popular tourist attractions in the region is the hot air balloon ride. This is by far the most memorable activity on our first trip to Turkey in 2012 and we wanted to capture and reflect this uplifting experience on the labels from this region. The label also doubles up as a narrow window to the level of wine within … how cool is that!

Try these wines

Both of these wines are now available for purchase online from the following retailers (Amazon for CA residents only, CompassWines provides nationwide shipping). Go ahead and give them a try & let us know what you think in the comments below. It might just be an uplifting experience for you as well!
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