01 Apr Pasaeli

Before 2000, Seyit Karagözoglu was an importer that brought all the great wines of the world to Turkey. And then, with the dawning of a new millennium, he founded Pasaeli winery, dedicating to making the finest wines from Turkey so that they could be brought to the...

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31 Mar Chamlija

The Çamlica family had already been farming in European Turkey (aka Thrace) for generations, so naturally Mustafa Çamlica wanted to be a part of the Turkish wine renaissance. He founded Chamlija Winery in 2000 in the small Thracian town of Büyükkarıştıran, and planted his...

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15 Jan Yazgan

The Yazgan family is one of the oldest wine producers in Turkey. Spanning four generations, this family-owned producer has its winery in Izmir situated on the Aegean Region of Turkey. Yazgan was founded by Mr. Huseyin Yazgan in 1943. Born in Greece, near Thessaloniki, he moved...

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01 Jan Turasan

Turasan winery was established in 1943 by Hasan Turasan in Cappadocia. Since then the winery has been run by the Turasan family for 3 generations and they have been proud pioneers in the development of the Cappadocia wine region. Cappadocia, a place that many have defined...

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01 Jan Diren

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01 Jan Gali

The historic Gallipoli peninsula is noted for its stunning and natural beauty, and Gali wines are named after Gallipoli. The Gali estate vineyard, founded by Hakan and Nilgun Kavur, covers 104 acres, and is planted with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Featuring World War I shelters, the...

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