About This Winery

Diren Winery is located in the northern part of Turkey and has been presenting quality wines of Anatolia, predominantly from Tokat region, for over 50 years.

Diren was founded in 1958 by Mustafa Vasfi Diren, who found his love for wine making nearly two decades ago. He continued to learn and perfect the crafts of viticulture and vinification until 1985, when his son Ali Diren took over the reins at the winery, keeping it in the family, and continuing to carry the legacy of one of Turkey’s oldest wineries.

As an established and seasoned winery, Diren is known in its domestic market for its eclectic collection of indigenous varietals. The winery takes great pride in producing wine from these rare, native grape varieties and presenting them for international wine lovers. By boasting a large portfolio of indigenous varietals, the Diren wines are a natural complement to Mediterranean flavors such as lamb, kebabs and fish. The wines are known to be inspiring as European chefs and sommeliers alike have found surprising and delightful pairings when presented with the wines of Diren. You can find Diren in the top restaurants of Western Europe and now in the United States as well.