About This Winery

Before 2000, Seyit Karagözoglu was an importer that brought all the great wines of the world to Turkey. And then, with the dawning of a new millennium, he founded Pasaeli winery, dedicating to making the finest wines from Turkey so that they could be brought to the world.

He first planted a vineyard in Kaynaklar, a small village just south of Izmir, and then another across the Bospurus in Hosköy, a town located in European Turkey (Thrace).  It was dedicated to the endangered, indigenous varietals of Turkey, and so was planted with grapes that have names like like Kolorko, Karasakiz, and Yapincak.

Both vineyards overlook the Aegean Sea, assuring them a maritime influence with protection from excessive heat. Much of the Hosköy vineyard is head-pruned, and all the fruit for Pasaeli wines is hand-picked in the early morning, when the grapes are at their coolest.

With the assistance of renowned consultant Andrea Paoletti, Seyit’s wines are true expressions of what Turkey has to offer from its soils.  The grapes are all grown in a bio/organic manner, and only native yeasts are used for the fermentations.   Pumping is eschewed in favor of gravity.  He has a gentle touch, and his delicacy shows in his wines.

Made by hand in small quantities, the Pasaeli wines are an exciting vision of what is to come from Turkey.  Limited in supply, Pasaeli wines are seldom available year-round.