Sad Day for Turkey

04 Jul Sad Day for Turkey

We were in Turkey last week during the Istanbul international airport attack, and we’d like to make a few comments on the tragedy. It was a sad day for Turkey and a setback in the fight against terrorism. We were at dinner near the iconic Galata tower when our waitress broke the news – “I wanted you to know there has been a terrorist bombing at the airport. In case you’re traveling tomorrow, you may need to check your flight status”, she said. We were indeed traveling back to the US from the same airport, but fortunately 2 days later. We immediately received text messages from our producers checking in to make sure we were ok.

While past generations were marked by tragic events like WWI and WWII, terrorism is a sad reality of our generation today. Terrorism is not only Turkey’s problem; it is also the world’s problem. According to Public Radio International, there have been more than 1,000 attacks worldwide since the November 2015 attack in Paris. Many of these happened right here on US soil; and it’s been just over three months since the attack on the Brussels airport. Clearly Turkey is not unique in this way. The world has a problem to solve.

With its strategic geographic location and proximity to troubled neighbors, it continues to be an important ally of the US and Europe in the fight against terrorism. It is understandable that tourism to Turkey will continue to be affected by this news, which in turn might further weaken the economy and Turkey’s strength in fighting terrorism. Let’s do our part and raise a glass of Turkish wine in support of our ally.