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11 Feb 10 Things You need to know about this Turkish wine producer named Gali

1) Gali is a proud family owned boutique winery. “Gali” means beautiful in Turkish and in the Ottoman language Gali stood for something precious or valuable and "extending beyond limits” – an apt name for this producer that symbolizes the burgeoning Turkish wine renaissance. Nilgun &...

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09 Dec Exploring the Wine Regions of Turkey

While the South East region of modern day Turkey is being hailed as the origin of grape seeds and grape domestication dating back to ~9000 B.C., the wine regions of Turkey today in fact are scattered across this vast, diverse & beautiful country. Before we explore...

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08 Sep Turkish Wine Producer, Gali, Demonstrates Commitment to U.S. Market – Makes First Market Visit to Seattle

Meet Nilgun Kavur. Nilgun, along with her husband Hakan, are the proud and charming owners of Gali estate, named after the beautiful Gallipoli peninsula located in the European part of Turkey. Gali is a boutique and premium wine producer in VinoRai's portfolio and represents...

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