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09 Feb Turkish Wines Debut at WholeFoods Store

We're thrilled to announce that 2 of our wines are now available at the Ravenna neighborhood Wholefoods store in Seattle. This adds to our growing list of stores where the 2013 Turasan Emir and 2012 Diren Öküzgözü can be found. We like to thank our Seattle distributor,...

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21 Jan VinoRai welcomes Yazgan Wines to the US

Fifth Turkish producer added to VinoRai's portfolio We are thrilled to announce today that Yazgan, one of Turkey's oldest and largest wine producers, has joined VinoRai's growing family of producers. Founded by Huseyin Yazgan in 1943, it has since been managed by four generations of the...

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10 Dec Turkey’s Primary Indigenous Grape Production by Region

Turkey is known to have between 1,200 and 1,500 named grape varietals growing across all of its regions of which around 30 of them (both indigenous and international) produce outstanding wines. Let's briefly explore the main & prized indigenous varietals of Turkey and where they are...

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24 Nov #drinkTurkeywithTurkey: 2012 Diren Collection Öküzgözü

If you're looking for a fun conversation at the table this holiday, then bring along the 2012 Diren Collection Öküzgözü (oh-cooz-goe-zue). Aside from the phonetic fun that you can have helping everyone pronounce this native grape, you can be the boss at the table by...

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28 May The New World Discovers the Old World

Did you know that the first wine, which is almost as old as humanity itself, was produced in Asia Minor?  Today, we call these lands Turkey....

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